The Fastest & Easiest World of Warcraft Leveling Guide

     The Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide stands head and shoulders above all other Guides for Warcraft. It is highly recommended because this guide has something for everyone, no matter what your position or skill level in playing this game. It contains both the Horde and Alliance Faction tips for leveling your character in a fastest and easiest way. Not only that, it teaches every players how to make 200 plus gold per hour. Amazing isn't it?

     It also contains a professions guide, beginners guide, class/gear guide, macro guide and many more that will give a great boost to your quest in the World of Warcraft. Above all this, it is a guide that is thoroughly updated on a regular basis to sync with the changes that occur all the time in the World of Warcraft.

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World of Warcraft Strategic Guide

     Are you playing this game World of Warcraft? Do you need some help or looking for something special such as a strategic guide of this game?

WoW Guide

     If so, this article talks more about it. A lot of players now-a-days live their lives by playing this world of warcraft. Most of them are looking for a lot of tips, tricks and strategy that could help them in playing this game. These things that they are searching for could benefit them in playing in such a way that they can easily level up their character, easy to get gold and in excellency, they will enjoy and satisfy fully in this game. 

     To start off, we should have a short overall background about the World of Warcraft, which also known as “WoW”. World of Warcraft, being the 4th game in warcraft series is designed by Blizzard Entertainment, and it is being played by most people around the globe.

     This was created and was known to be a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game (MMORPG). After 4 years since Warcraft III was set up, this World of Warcraft game set in the world of Azeroth was released last November 23, 2004. The price of this game is money, experience, items and reputation that develops you to gain more skills and power.

     One thing for sure, as an avid fan of World of Warcraft, you ought to be searching or looking for a strategy that could help you to level up your Warcraft career.

     If you have a Burning Crusade expansion, you can level up your character from 1 to 60, or even up to 70. Tired of waiting, a Wrath of the Lich King expansion that could level up your character at 80 will be released soon. Not only this, as we go through, you will find lots of secrets in levelling up your character, plus I am proud to showcase it to you, the review of the best World of Warcraft strategy guides coming from a gurus of this game.

Here is a general guide in both levelling up your character and gold earning strategy.

    Almost all Guides shared an outstanding up to date information on levelling your character up to 70 and a detailed gold guides in the game. There are two main characters in the World of Warcraft game. The difference of the two is the degree of controlling the characters.

One is controlled by the player itself and the other one is controlled by the Blizzard's gaming software.

     world of warcraftThe World of Warcraft composes of nine different characters. Each has its own unique talents and abilities. Depending on the class of the character that you have chosen, you can upgrade them with regards to the damage per second (DPS), tanking, healing or a possible combination of those things.

     The World of Warcraft characters are the Druid, Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, and the Warrior. They can acquire gold, silver and copper to supply your adventures through the different lands of Warcraft.

     A strategy in playing the World of Warcraft, you need to improve the different side skills of your character which is also called professions. It is divided into two categories. We have the “primary professions” that compose of gathering such as mining, skinning and herbalism, and crafting such as being a blacksmith, tailoring, alchemy, engineering, enchanting, jewel crafting and inscription. Another category is the “secondary professions” that compose of cooking, fishing and first aid.

For rogue character, it has two unique secondary professions which are lock picking and poisons.

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