World Of Warcraft Mining Guide

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World Of Warcraft Mining Guide

     Before you get into mining, there are lots of requirement you need to have first. Mining skill is one of the requirements. You will get this skill by training yourself with a local mining instructor. Every location has its own mining trainers. Here is the list of it: Gelman Stonehand: Stormwind, on the western end of Dwarven District (Alliance Trainer), Kurdram Stonehammer: Darkshore, north, Auberdine area. (Alliance Trainer), Matt Johnson: Duskwood, in the north section of Darkshire. (Alliance Trainer), Brock Stoneseeker: Loch Modan, Southwest part of Thelsamar. (Alliance Trainer), Brom Killian: Undercity, South of the bridge leading to the War Quarter. (Horde Trainer), Geofram Bouldertoe: Deepmountain Mining Guild in Ironforge. (Alliance Trainer), Makaru: Orgrimmar, center of the valley of honor. (Horde Trainer), Brek Stonehoof: Thunder Bluff, Western edge of the center plateau. (Horde Trainer),Yarr Hammerstone: Dun Morogh, eastern edge of Kharanos. (Alliance Trainer), Dank Drizzlecut: Dun Morogh, north of Gol'bolbar Quarry. (Alliance Trainer)

     A mining Pick, it is very helpful for a player since it is enchanted plus you can witness yourself a glow when using this like an ordinary weapon. Other people also viewed this as a cool feature to have.Gloves are also option but highly suggested. You can obtain the lowest cost gloves plus you can get enchanted with +5 mining skill which will not cost more than 2g.

Here are the skill requirements Vein Type:

Copper 1
Tin 65
Incendicite 65
Silver 75
Lesser Bloodstone 75
Iron 125
Indurium 150
Gold 155
Mithril 175
Dark Iron 230
Truesilver 230
Small Thorium 250
Rich Thorium 275

Here are the skill requirements for each type of ore:

Copper 1
Tin 65
Bronze 65
Silver 75
Iron 125
Gold 155
Steel 165
Mithril 175
Truesilver 230
Dark Iron 230
Thorium 250

Wow Mining Guide - Copper mining

Copper is so abundant to many areas in the world of warcraft. You can have this mining routes or even more create your own. It is better to mine approximately 50 copper. Mining locations are listed below.

Alterac Mountains
Dun Morogh
Elwynn Forest
Hillsbrad Foothills
Loch Modan
Redridge Mountains
Silverpine Forest
Stonetalon Mountains
The Barrens
Thousand Needles
Tirisfal Glades


Tauren: Mulgore: Just pick any starting point then follow the cliffs all the way. In this run you should be able to achieve 40 – 50 copper and keep in mind to check out the Venture Co mine.

Orc and Troll: A simple way is to complete whole circuits of Durotar but you may notice that there are a lot of copper so may you consider starting at Razor hill and move west towards Quilboar grounds. You then hug the cliff face until reaching the river then head north until you get to Orgrimmar. After so, proceed east until you can see a small farmstead, then drop into the canyon. When following the canyon out and through heading south east, you’ll get to razor hill once again. At the end of this, you’ll get 25 to 30 copper ores. 

Undead: Start at DeathKnell entrance, then proceed south and follow the cliffs all the way, moving through the Undercity until you reach the bulwark. Then proceed north to Scarlet monastery while hugging the cliffs as you move. When you reach the coast, move west then move south again to follow the cliffs to Agamand Mills. Then follow the hills again which will lead back to Deathknell. Through this, you can get 30 to 40 copper ore. 


Night elves: Go to Darkshore since Darnassus doesn’t have ores. Begin at Auberdine then proceed east until you get to the cliffs at the top of the map. Then move southwards, and hug the cliffs while moving. As you reach the entrance of Ashenvale, proceed west when you reach the cliffs, head northwards following the cliffs round the coast heading south again to Auberdine. This is considered a figure 8 pattern, which is easier than taking Auberdine in one whole route. From this, you’ll be able to get 40 – 50 copper ores.

Dwarves and Gnomes: Copper can be found anywhere so a route won’t be necessary.

Human: Start at Goldshire then proceed east to the north Crystal Lake. As soon as you reach north at the logging camp, move south. Follow the river until you reach the border of Duskwood and Elwyn forest, then proceed northwest and return to goldshire. Visiting 2 mines on this trek will give you 30 – 40 copper ores.

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