World Of Warcraft Cooking Guide

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World Of Warcraft Cooking Guide

     WoW cooking is an excellent skill to earn even though it’s not totally important, it actually work well with other professions like fishing. Through cooking, you can certainly earn a decent amount of gold plus you don’t invest a great deal of effort. If you want to change some things, then this may be a skill you’d like to learn. Before, people usually don’t give much attention to this profession but through Burning Crusade, many people tried this skill because of the opportunities it opened up. Plus, you can create things that other people needs so you can earn gold while having fun.

     First and foremost, in cooking you’ll be needing fire. It requires items such Flint and Tinder plus Simple Wood which are easy to find. As soon as you have these items, open the spellbook wherein you can see your cookbook. Scan the spellbook and see what recipes you’d like to create while keeping in mind that the fire you’ll be generating will only lasts for a few minutes. After which, click on the needed ingredients then you can now start cooking each recipe. Some recipes will need other items for them to be created. A sample is the recipe for Crocolisk Steak wherein you’ll need Crocolisk meat as well as one set of mild recipes. This can be obtained from a vendor or go out and purchase it on your own.

     As soon as you finished this stage on apprenticeship, you can move to another level. You can purchase from a cooking trainer any items that you don’t possess so you’ll need to spend a little amount at first. But as you advance in your adventure, you can easily access some items necessary for your recipe.

     In the beginners level, you’ll not possess a lot of recipes need to advance easily. To progress faster from skill 1 to 375, you’ll be starting with the Ironforge. You can buy flour and one mild spice to make Spiced bread which is easy making you to advance easily to level 40. After, you need to have 30 mild spices, some more word, and go to Auberdine and look for a Moonkin. Continue on killing it until you get 20 eggs or more which will bring you to level 60.

     After then, proceed to Ashenvale wherein you’ll see Crawlers dropping clams. Get as many as you can then turn back to Ironforge. Cook the eggs you obtained from Moonkin and after which, sell them. Then, look for a cooking trainer and gain more skills for you to cook the clams you got from the Crawlers which will bring you to level 130. With the use of the expert cook book, you’ll surely go to level 375.

How to Make Money Through Cooking

     The recipe you cook gives a big difference in this game. Also keep in mind that you need to carry foods that contain Buff points because other players need this food to increase their health as well as energy points. As soon as you’re good with this skill, you can start cooking them and try selling them in the auction house.

     For other recipes, you’ll need to master fishing however we’d be focusing on those recipes not needing that profession. Mok’Nathal shortribs is popular which quickly boosts a player’s health which is worth 1 gold piece. Making it is easy for you to earn money once they’re cooked. In cooking this, you need to go first to Blade’s Edge Mountains to search for the Raptors. Usually they drop leathers and sometimes, they also drop those needed items for shortribs. Get this and keep grinding away which can let you earn 33 gold pieces in an hour when you’re focused.

     Warp burgers are costly and priced in an amounts of 1 gold per piece. To obtain the ingredients, you’ll need to go to Terrokar Forest to kill Warp Hunters. These are simple to kill which usually drop warped meat and it can easily make 50 gold pieces in an hour.

     It’s also recommend to look at the seasons in the game like during Christmas wherein quests require players to have Egg Nog. You can quickly sell Egg Nog for 1 piece of gold especially when players are really desperate. In making Egg Nog, you’ll need a small egg, one cold milk, holiday liquor and holiday spices which can be bought for a sum from a reagent.

Other Ways to Make Money with Cooking

     In case you have insufficient time or you prefer not to grind, then it’s easier to buy all your needed items from reagents. A lot of player usually chooses this option because its faster although your profit is smaller plus you’ll be needing some cash.

Daily Cooking Quests

     Numerous quests were presented in the recent game which is a lot of fun. However most of them require you to have a cooking skill of 275 to be able to join. But the rewards are high. Some quests offer you a reward of a barrel of fish or entire carte of meat which makes cooking easier to start that could increase your profit. Plus, through completing the quests, you can be able to obtain more recipes.

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