World Of Warcraft Blacksmith Guide

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World Of Warcraft Blacksmith Guide

    Making weapons and armor either for yourself or to others is what the blacksmith do. Blacksmithing is a very lucrative profession that is made available to all players of the World of Warcraft. To know more about blacksmith, let us discuss those important tips.

     Some of the players combined blacksmith to mining profession because they found it convenient in their journey. If you really want to save money, mining is the best profession to combined with. They found it cheaper if the two are being used together.

     Though mining takes a lot of time to learn or apply it as your profession, you may start off only blacksmith. It is a good way to start. Metal bars and etc comes later in the game, and that time you may start mining then.

This article provides how easily to master blacksmithing in a lesser effort to the player. 

     First thing you do is to get apprenticeship to a trainer. Trainers are easily located in most large cities.To make it easy for you, use your good communication skills in the game. You can ask any player around you in where the trainer can be located. Another thing to consider are those basic items needed in your profession. And these are the coal, grinding stones, different kinds of flux such  as weak, strong, or elemental or in other cases gems or leather are included. Just stick to the basics when you are doing your recipes.

     After collecting all of the items, now you are ready to get your plan in making an item to a trainer. These plans are need to purchased. In making an item, open your spellbook and click blacksmithing.Then they will give you required recipes and walk you through the process of creating them. 

WoW Blacksmith Guide - Advancing in Skill

     You need to have 25 sharpening stones to upgrade your skills from level 1 to level 25. Those items can be purchased or if you are saving your money, you just find them. These are all required in all of your recipes until your reached 25. After reaching this level, you will need 40 rough grinding stones to upgrade yourself more to 65. And then 10 coarse sharpening stones are needed from 65 to 75. After completing this, you are now ready to become a journeyman. 

     You need 25 coarse grinding stones, to get 76 to 100. From 101 to 105, 5 silver rods will be needed. This call for 10 rough stones and 5 bars of silver. This makes mining useful. It is not a problem for a player in collecting bars once he has a mining skill. If not, you need to purchase it to a vendor or pick it up to the auction house. 

     Once you are making rods, the good thing in it is you can sell it to other players. An example for that is an Enchanters needing a silver rod, so there is good marketing in this part. It is the first thing you will going to sell. Then, from 106 to 125, you need to create 60 pairs of bronze leggings. It requires 120 bars of bronze. It can be made by combining copper and iron or other way around you can purchase it.

     To achieve 150, you need 25 heavy grinding stones. There is a pattern here. All of the stones that you need are used in the recipes for the next item that you have to make to get to a new level. You will be able to create amazing items such as Flamebane Bracers.

     If you achieve this part, you are now a guru. Compare to the previous, it is getting tougher, but with all the things you have done, you can create an item that has a high value. As you master everything, your game will start to be stable.

     Going from 151 to 200, you need to make 25 bronze leggings that requires 150 bronze bars. You can see why mining is best to combine in blacksmith. It provides easy play to the player itself. Aside from bronze leggings, you also need 25 iron counterweights which requires 50 coarse grinding stones, 100 iron bars and 25 lesser moonstones.

     To progress yourself to level 210, you need 110 solid grinding stones. After reaching that point, you need 5 golden scale bracers that require 10 heavy grinding stones and 25 steel bars. To become an artisan, finish making a 10 steel plate helms which require 140 steel bars and 10 solid grinding stones. 

     If you are an artisan now, you will enjoy the game a lot more. From 226 to 235, you need to make 10 more helms using the same recipe. After that, make 15 mithril spurs which require 60 mithril bars and 45 solid grinding stones. 

     Get 10 dense grinding stones to upgrade to 260. Then 5 thorium braces requiring 60 thorium bars and 20 blue power crystalsm and 20 thorium helms which require 80 yellow power crystals, 20 star rubies and 480 thorium bars.

     Reaching 300 puts you in a seesaw. You may decide to continue or not. Many players stop at this point because it is very difficult to level it up to 375. But if you do continue your journey, the good thing is that you master blacksmithing and the items you are making will be in high demand. 

Making the Most Out of Blacksmithing

     While developing your skills, you can start making other items that are valuable and has demand in the market. All you need is to gather necessary materials and recipes and then make it and sell it on your own. This makes a  big extra money that you will gonna use to buy or to upgrade your skills as blacksmith.

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