World Of Warcraft First Aid Guide

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World Of Warcraft First Aid Guide

     No matter how higher the level you are or how good you are, you may not out run experiencing damage to your character. First aid takes a very important role on this situation. If you don't have any idea of doing first aid, you are going to have difficult time in recovering and your health status may affect your gameplay. This article will provide you tips on how to perform first aid effectively and quickly.

     First aid is considered to be a secondary skill. This means that it can combine to other profession. Among all the secondary skill, first aid is at the top of the list. It is easy to learn and very useful.

     First of all, to have this skill, you must have these two items. These items are the bandages and anti-venoms.  Starting WoW, you will automatically get rudimentary bandages. But you need to find anti-venom by doing your quest. This item has a lot of kinds and it is very useful in every different kind of situation.

     This is a skill that players can start right off the bat at level one. Granted, you won’t have the best bandages yet, since they will only be available once you advance in skill, but they are better than nothing. Start out by getting your apprenticeship from a trainer. You can always go back to learn more, but this will get you started.

     You will need to purchase the Expert First Aid under wraps items. In Alliance, this can be found in Arathi Highlands. In Horde faction, this can be found in Dustwallow. By purchasing this item, you will be able to progress past skill level 150. Your main goal is to attain level 375. 

     Once if you are on the way to level 225, just complete the Triage Quest which will immediately push you up to level 300. Remember that once you reach 240, go back to your trainer to learn advanced bandage wrapping which gives easy way of leveling your skill up.

     You don't be worry about anti-venoms. These are made available as you progress in your skill in first aid. At level 80, you’ll be able to get your first one from your trainer. This is equivalent to 1 silver piece and 50 coppers but it depends on the area where you get that piece. If you reach 130, you have now the authority to purchase a strong anti-venom which is equivalent to 2 silvers and 50 coppers.

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