World Of Warcraft Paladin Guide

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World Of Warcraft Paladin Guide

     The Paladin Character in the World of Warcraft is one of the most unique classes that exist in this game. It is recommended for a group to have at least one Paladin in order to have a successful game play. Paladin has a combination of physical ability and magic that creates a very powerful force. It has many reasons why it is the most popular class in this game. Considered as a holy warrior in WOW, it excels not only for mere fighting through spell casting or taking hits to the enemy but also in healing as well. This requires a high recommendation in playing this character. 

     To start, when you have decided to play as a Paladin, you need also to decide what race you are putting up to your character. If you’re considering a hybrid class, you can choose what race would you like. But mostly elves and humans are the most popular race choice. Before entering their world, it is good to have an idea about the character as well as the race because Paladin comes in a very versatile class.

     If you are not sure about the professions you want to, Paladin character will suit you. It requires you to master both weaponry and healing to excel in this character. Undecidedly, long range or face to face, Paladin works a lot. It depends on you which you prefer to take action during the game. Paladins works dependently to mana. This is one of the things you must consider if you are planning to make most of this class. Mana will be depleted when you cast a spell or when you are in a battle, so make sure that you don't lose it too much or else your health may be affected and it takes too much time in rejuvenating your character.

The Tools of the Paladin

Paladin class has its' some unique equipments that are beneficial to the group where it belongs. It is better to know these items.

Auras – If a group is planning to attack the enemy or do some raid in the area, Paladin aura is very useful for them. This very powerful item can protect not only the Paladin itself but also its group. The protection composes within a 30 yard radius where the Paladin is located. To see the effectiveness and usefulness of Paladins' item, it is better to have many Paladins in the group so that different auras can be used at the same time other than one Paladin auras used only in one time.

Seals – A special kind of spell that only a Paladin can learn. If managed properly, it comes very useful. It is used for either regenerating or to increase the skills during battle against the enemy. Can be used only to any in one time, this seals comes in an opposite effect of what they would grant you. Best example can help you understand it clearly. If you have a healing seal on yourself, it would deplete the health of your enemy when it is used on them.

Blessing – Last but not the least unique item for a Paladin but is incredibly powerful. It is like bestowing a certain gift to a group or to themselves that its effect can last up to fifteen minutes or more depending on the cases. It can provide extra strength, extra health or even extra skills.

Picking a Profession

     In deciding Paladins' profession though it is a versatile class, you must be open to all professions available in WOW. Mostly, players usually select herbalism, alchemy or enchanting since they are somewhat related to their class abilities. In picking a good profession to your Paladin, it is good have a mix up of some professions such as blacksmithing or mining which are helpful in increasing your income potential.

     Avoid leatherworking or skinning as your main choice profession for your Paladin. It is not that good and useful for them. But if you have the plan to grind gold in certain area, skinning profession would be a good choice as the profession. 

Fishing is a profession that is very lucrative to get more gold, it is more popular as Paladins profession now-a-days. It does take a lot of time however, so keep this in mind if you prefer to spend your time questing instead of working on your profession.

The Skills of the Paladin

Tanking – It is a process of taking damage to your self just to protect other players. Paladin can use spells and skills to tank its enemy at once if bad situation occurs. This is very useful especially if you are into a more difficult level or difficult to handle situations.

Healing – It is very useful to any situation and one of the reasons why Paladin's are being used by a player. They can heal themselves, members of their group and also other players in WOW. Be familiar with the spells connected with this ability. This may be considered as vital.

Damage – It is very important skill in an end game and can be mastered as you go along with the game play. Paladin is able to increase the amount of damage inflicted to their enemies due to their retribution tree.

Putting it Together

     Without a doubt, if these skills and abilities combined together, a powerful Paladin character you will have. It is the reason why most players want to be a Paladin. Being a member in a group is not only just a member per se. You should be an asset to your group and that’s what Paladin class can give you. In a group, it cannot have too many Paladins since they can use different aura or blessing to enhance their own group as a whole.

     Paladin is a perfect class for a beginner in the World of Warcraft. It is very flexible, has its own unique abilities in their professions and easily acquired upgraded armour. This comes as a perfect choice of character in WOW. You’ll have a lot more power to handle even with what the game has to throw at you and it can prepare you to tackle other classes once you’ve mastered this one. All in all, Paladin works a lot and a great asset to a group in playing this game.

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