World Of Warcraft Horde Guide

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World Of Warcraft Horde Guide

Introduction to Grinding

     Slaughtering all the mobs that you will encounter is what grinding describes. This way you can gain not only experience but also earning gold as well. We are not just grinding all the mobs, it is important to know what mobs and where it is located. 

Horde Grinding Levels 11 – 25

You may have noticed that we skipped over the first ten levels. 

     Level 1 to 10 doesn't have any special when it comes to grinding. It is better to start with wolves in these initial levels to practice. You will see the effects of grinding if you are on level 11.

     From level 11 to 12, when you are in Barrens, the Crossroads and Ratchet is the best grinding site. You will grind Savannah Prowler, Greater Plainstrider, Sunscale Screecher,Barrens Giraffe, Crocilisk, Fleeting Plainstrider, Elder Plainstrider, Greater Plainstrider, Sunscale Lashtail, and Zhevra Runner. Include in the list the crocolisks that can be found in the river. By consistently grinding in this area you can earn 14,000 exp points per hour.

     Level 13 to 16 is the same to what is written in level 11-12, but put your location slightly to south to meet Southsea Bandits and Cannoneers.  With these mobs, you can still earn lots of experience points per hour.

     When you reached level 17, head over to Norwatch and look for the Theramore Marines. You may possibly earn 16k experience points in an hour here. From level nineteen, look for South Barrens Stormhides. They are easy to kill and give high experience points. Other than these mobs, Ornery Plainstriders and Savannah Patriarchs that can be found at Northwest Barrens together with other mobs mentioned above can give you 18k experience points per hour. This is for you to reached level 22 in the game.

     Reaching level 22 spend your playing time at Camp Taurajo. It is where you can find lots of mobs that are useful to grind. The mobs that I am telling are the Thunderhawk Cloudscraper and Owatanka. Through this, it will level up you easily to 25.

What to Do With Your Items

     Once you have plenty of important items at your inventory, start sorting it out and sell these items at the auction house. There are important things you must know before that.

     First, be a keen observer at the auction house for a few days. It is better to have the normal and current trends in the area as well as the items that you will sell. In this, you will be able to know the current prices of your sold items before listing them out.

     By observing the trends, you will have an idea to focus on the items that are demanded by the other players. Low valued items are always sold to a vendor or occasionally to someone who needs it such as part of a recipe.

      Aside from gaining experience points in doing grinding to mobs, you can also earn gold that runs about 50-60 in an hour. Not only that if you get lucky enough, you can grab special item which is saleable to the auction house (other way of earning gold). Just follow the tips that this guide offers. This gives you a lot of reason to keep going on this game play.

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