World Of Warcraft Enchanting Guide

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World Of Warcraft Enchanting Guide

     Very popular yet very difficult to learn is what enchanting profession is. But it is worthy to spend the time under this profession because this can be use in a regular basis throughout the game. The person who has this ability does not only enchant items, it can also disenchant it too. This comes very handy in numerous occassions in the game. 

It is truly a wothwhile to give it a try. This guide will provides you tips in making enchanting easy and effective.

     To start off, to learn enchanting you are going to find an instructor to get your apprenticeship. Instructors can be found in most large cities. Aside from enchanting, you will also going to decide what secondary profession you are going to combined with it. Most people choose tailoring but there are lot of options to consider. Remember that your enchanting don't do much in a gathering type of profession, so you don't choose mining as your secondary profession.

     After that, you are going to need an item to enchant, as well as the recipe for enchanting. In disenchanting an item, you will destroy the item itself, please do note on that. Once you do this, you will never return the disenchantment item.


     To better understand this, let us now proceed in the actual process of enchanting. Let start in Enchanting Bracer. This require strange dust and lesser magic essence. If you don't have any of these, you can purchase it at the auction house or from a vendor.

     After collecting the items, open your spellbook and click enchanting. Follow the instructions and you will have your first enchanted item. This enchanted item is for level 1, so keep going to reach  level 300. 


     There are times that you need to disenchant an item just to collect special dusts and powders that you will need later on. All you need to do is open your spellbook and click disenchant. Click the item that you want to disenchant. It may take a few minutes to complete the process. Always remember what I have written in the first part of this article that talks about disenchanting.

     Why do you perform disenchanting? Like I said, this is a way to acquire an item that you need in other recipes. And it found out that it is the easiest and cheapest way to acquire the said items. Here is a qucik guide to help you get what you need. Dust in green armor, Essence in green weapons, Shard in blue items, Nexus Crystal in Purple items that is up to 60, and Void crystals in Purple items above 60.

What to Do With Your Skill

     Now that you can enchant an item or you already have an enchanted item, you are going to need to do something with it. Most players trade these items to other players in WoW. This is the main reason why enchanting considered as one of the most social skills. Those items also can be use especially in marketing it in the auction house or sell it to other players.

Advancing Your Skills

     The main goal is to get to a skill level of 375. Though it is easy to level up quickly to 60, above this level it gets a little bit harder. Once you reach the level 300, it is incredibly difficult to keep moving to a more higher level. The benefit in this profession is that, as you increase your level you can create an enchanted item that worths more money.

     In the first level, you are going to need a runed copper rod. You can make it by using one copper rod that can be purchased from a blacksmith, one strange dust and one lesser magic essence. If you have all these items, open your spellbook and click enchant. Just follow the recipes instructions in making this item.

     In quickly moving up your skill to level 50, all you have to do is to disenchant all the green items that you have. Remember after disenchanting, you would not able to use these items but the materails that you will gain works more important than those former items. You also need to follow the instructions above in making your bracer. Keep going on this activity until you reach 60. Don't be depressed if no one will buy your created bracers, hang on to it. Keep enchanting until you reach the skill level of 70.

     Continue with the bracers, that will add your stamina and agility. To get level 100, you are going to create runed silver rod. This requires one silver rod that can be purchased from a blacksmith, six strange dust, one shadowgerm, and 3 greater magic essence. Again, follow the direction. This item that you will create will be use for future enchantments, so this is very important to note.

     As you get going to this profession, you will able to enchant more items and impart abilities on it. Just follow what your instructor told you. To level yourself up to level 150, you need to create a runed gold rod. This requires one gold rod from the blacksmith and two soul dust, 2 greater astral essence and one iridescent pearl. 

     To reach level 300, you need to create two more rods. You will learn more as you are on this degree of enchanting. 

     The Runed Eternium Rod is incredibly useful and you can make this with one eternium rod, 12 greater planar essence, 4 primal might, 1 runed adamite rod, and 2 void crystals. This is considered an incredible rod and has its high value. Always remember that the more skill you have, the more gold you can make in your enchanted items.

     The last one item that you will going to create is the Runed Arcanite Rod, that requires one arcanite rod, one golden pearl, 10 illusion dust, 4 small brilliant shards and two large brilliant shards. 

     It is your decision if you want to proceed leveling up your profession to 375. It won't be easy if you proceed but the more things you will learn and master  as you go through with it. If you proceed, you will be able to create items that worth a very high value in the auction house such as enchanted cloaks, chest, gloves, rings and many more. 


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