How To Find Special Items

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How To Find Special Items

     In different places in the world of warcraf, specific items are made hidden that are considerably powerful otherwise useful. It can be sold at the auction house or to vendors in a very high prices. This makes a great way to earn money in the game. To help you find these special items, here is the quick guide.

Black Lotus – Can be found in Winterspring. Look for it near to the cave of blue dragon, this is the best spot. But you can still find it in the Badlands and Eastern Plaguelands. 

Blood of the Mountain – Aside from a high amount of money it cost, it is very important to the quests they are going to and to those who near mastering their professions. This can be found by mining the Dark Nodes in the Searing Mountains.

Dark Runes –  This can be found by killing the mobs in Scholo. It is necessary to this game and have a high amount of value and demand.

Essence of Water – This can found by grinding mobs in Felwoods.

Larval Acid – This can be found in Eastern Plaguelands by grinding slugs. It worths 10 pieces of gold and in the said are it has a high  drop rate. 

Stonescale Eels – This can be found in the coasts of Kalimdor. It is hard to find but the most common time they are usuaaly appear is during the late night. In one piece it is equivalent to one gold. 

Auction House Tips

     To know the environment and the exchange in the auction house, it is better to sit back and observe the surroundings in a few days. And after that list all the things or items that are most demanded by other players. You can also identify and decide the price of your items. All you need to know the works of supply and demand.

     In pricing, it is a no no to overprice or to lower too much to the items that you are selling. Automatically the auction system will provide you a base price and it is up to you if you want the price to move little bit higher or vice versa. The time schedule in auctioning is also to consider. As survey says, auction is higher during early evening because of lots of number of players are available on that specific time. 

     Don't flood the auction house with too many similar items that you are selling. You may start placing your popular items and combine it with about two to three of a common items that you are selling. Manage your item wisely, just like a businessman in order to have a better price and result in your auction.

     Don't outrun your competitors in the auction. By competing to the other player makes the market and activities in the auction room ruin. This will result in a lose win strategy. Keep your prices fair and reasonable and you will see to have much successful gameplay in selling.

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