World Of Warcraft Mage Guide

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World Of Warcraft Mage Guide

     Almost all players in World of Warcraft, choose their character that has more capabilities during battle situations. Among all the list of the character, Mage leads at the top. If you are a type of person who likes spells or magic use in combat either close or ranged situation, this character would be perfect for you. The race should also be considered if you decide to use mage. It is because it will affect your performance in the game. Always put in mind that mages are not physically strong, so be wiser enough in choosing the race of the character that it may work above excellence.

     First of all, the mage class has only a cloth armor. This makes you experience difficulty in surviving since you don't have any extra power in starting the game. Mage works well in distance fighting only. Be sure to avoid situations such as ambush. It is nice to know that most of the female character ends up being a mage. 

     In picking up your profession it is a nice  decision if we base the profession to the inherent abilities of mage. The top three professions to this class are the alchemy, enchanting and herbalism. Other choose fishing and cooking just for only reason of enjoyment.

     If you want to work on grinding, it is okay to select skinning as your profession but it doesn't make fit to the ability of the character. Tailoring may sounds good as your secondary profession since you will be needing it to make a cloth armor. This works together if combined with enchanting. Blacksmithing, leatherworking and mining are really not well suited for this class.

Skills of the Mage

     The thing that you really amaze to Mages is their skill in magic. Base on this, you spend your time in learning and mastering spells or undergo training so that to make your character upgrade and high rise to other player. Not only for spells in attack, give focus to on defense. In the first levels of your character, only wand is your weapon. And also some staves, a skill that you’re going to want to learn right off the bat.

     There are three main types of spells that a mage can use: Arcane, Fire or Frost. If effectively and properly used, this can work against your enemy. Like I said earlier, maintain always a far distance to the opponent to avoid any injury or damage to your character. Monitor and improve your mana. Same with the other character, you can't live without mana. This goes with you throughout the game. Be mindful about your health also.  

     Fire spell are the best spells used against an enemies. It works well from a distance and can deliver a powerful first attack. Frost spells are good in freezing an enemy especially when they are too close to you. Arcane spells are useful in situations such as traveling, healing, crowd control or buffing other players.

     The most useful thing that a mage have is the summon sustenance. This is the reason why most players love mages. In just a matter of second it can transport anything such as food and drink to one place and another. Be careful in summoning, just perform it when you or the group needs it.

     One important spell that should be mentioned is the Polymorph spell. It is only for mage and it is found very effective in stunning your enemies. Rememeber that once they are stunned, their HP is going up. Deal your enemies as soon as you can while it is stunned by your spell. This will usually work on beasts and humanoids in the game.

Putting it All Together as a Mage

    Mages are capable in giving incredible damage to the enemy in a matter of short time. There is always a tradeoff when it comes to picking races in WoW, and although this class may not be the strongest, there is still a place for them. In several situations mages actually the most powerful class.

     As you progress in your journey as mage, you can able to earn a more better weapons sucha s daggers or a one handed sword. Take advantage to these items even though your primary weapon are spells. These items can also be used especially when your enemy is close to you and you cannot able to cast spells against them. 

    Mage can be an asset to a group. In a group there is always atleast one mage if they want to successfully finish the game. Their abilities such as polymorph and summoning food and drink will palys a lot in this part. The crowd control ability is also very useful in the endgame scenario.

To success your carreer as mage, works into limit and give focus on its strenghts. Spells and skills that works on this character should must be learned. Worry about making money through your profession later on.

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