World Of Warcraft Hunter Guide

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World Of Warcraft Hunter Guide

     World of Warcraft Hunter is the most versatile character in this game. With all its capabilities like available talent builds, pet option and sheer powers, it over runs all of the class in WoW. This guide will provide you everything you need about Hunter.

     In choosing the right job, a high degree of success will be in your character. To make you easy to understand, know yourself first and compare yourself if the quality of Hunter in the game suits to your own personal strength. If the player iworks best, the character is same as to best. Hunter has its definite strenghts and weaknesses that makes the play a little more interesting and tricky. 

     Hunter excels in ranged warfare that includes the use of bows, guns or crossbows. They have the ability that is incredibly effective in dispatching enemies. Uniquely they have this tracking abilities that are very strong especially in searching or hiding for survival. The use of a pet in Hunter, serves as protection to them. They absorb much more damage from the attack made by the opponent, leaving the hunter more time to play. 

Hunter would not work in melee fighting. You won't have any armor until you reach 40. This is a problem in this class. 

     Knowing the strenghts and weaknesses of a Hunter, this gives you an idea to come a strategy in playing this class. Remember, the further off you are from danger, the better your chances of victory will be. Provide a great deal to pet if you choose to be a hunter because they serve a big help in fighting other opponent.  

Picking a Profession for Your Hunter

     The best profession for your hunter will be skinning and leatherworking. This will allow you to create your own armor if you are authorized to have or wear it. Another great combination of professions are mining and skinning. This allows you to make lots of money in an easy and faster way. Through this you can easily purchase an armor and weapons. Herbalism is also good especially you are on journey. This can be use to make your own healing potions. It is very important especially if you don't have any pet equip with you.

Alchemy, tailoring and enchanting won't work well in this class. It does not provide any benefits to a hunter as their professions.  

The Weapons

     Ranged warfare is the specialty of a hunter, so you are putting your attention in equiping bows and crossbows or if you are skilled enough, guns would be great. When you start this game, you will get a cute basic bow. You can purchase a high quality weapon that could help you upgrade yourself and face the levels progressively. You can earn other weapons as you go through your quest.


     Most hunter do is to track and trap enemies. It is better to spend enough time in mastering these skills.Tracking Beasts which is your first quest in level 2 will be your root for learning. In performing trap, it needs mana, but they don't cost actual money. It is of highly recommended to perform if someone is chasing you. Immolation Trap is one of the most effective traps in hunter. It will set your enemy on fire once they hit it. Simply, just drop the trap while you are chased by your opponent and then wait once they stick on it.

Choosing a Pet

     You are eligible to equip pet in your hunter character if you reach level 10.  A trainer  will be needed to teach you how to tame a beast. They can be found in most large cities. Just ask other player if you don't see one. To earn skills in Taming, Calling and Dismissing, you complete three quests. In each, you are assigned to a beast to tame. After completing these quests, it is on your own to find ways and to tame your own pet.

     There are lots of different species but not all of them are tameable. These species are Bats, Hyenas, Sporebats, Bears, Nether Rays, Tallstruders, Boars, Owls, Turtles, Carrion Birds, Raptors, Warp Stalkers, Cats, Ravagers, Wind Serpents, Crabs, Scorpids, Wolves, Crocolisks, Serpents, Dragonhawks and Spiders. Cats are a very popular option for hunters, same as to bears.

     You will notice a bit change to your pet skills, once you have located and tamed them. Pets have a lot of passive and active skills that is easily to handle or use as you go up against an opponent.

     Remember that your pet is like a real pet. You need to feed them, play with them and keep them loyal to you. It has a loyalty points to see at. The more you feed your pet, the happier it is. The pet’s overall happiness with you will also affect how good they are at dealing out damage to your enemies. It calls your duty and obligation to keep your pet happy and well fed.

Putting it All Together

     Professions, weapons and pet that is what Hunter would focus on. By these, you could level up in a more easy way. Putting into one, while leveling up, your pet is also do so. Also remember to keep always your mana leveled up. Always stay out of danger, and use your autoshot ability. When it is combined, the World of Warcraft Hunter is the easiest class to level up quickly. 

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