World Of Warcraft Gold Guide

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World Of Warcraft Gold Guide

     Gaining lots of gold in the World of Warcraft is what every player plans. To buy or purchase an item like an armour or weapon, it is a necessity to have lots of gold in your game. The main thing you must put in mind, gold doesn't grow on trees, so you are going to discipline yourself and work hard for it.

     In this WOW gold guide, it discusses important things in making gold. This includes grinding, professions, flipping, or purchasing gold to any sellers. This guide gives focus on the first three topics. Learning these skills come very handy and once you are skilled with it, it is easy to make piles of gold in just a short time. It is better to know how and where to gain gold.  

Grinding for Gold

     Grinding is the easiest way to get gold in just a short period of time. There are certain locations and techniques that you must consider. By following the things that are being said, you may possibly earn up to 50 pieces of gold in an hour. This is incredibly tedious. Most of the players while they are on quest, they spend their time grinding in earning gold. Aside from that, it also gives you extra point experience, so it really pays off all of your actions. 

     If you want to get serious about grinding gold, there are few places you want to consider. To get high amounts of gold, you would prefer places that are in higher levels. The big thing about it is that you can profit by grinding mobs and just flipping the items that they drop. We will take it later on this guide.

     Open opportunities for grinding are very evident once you get past level 50. Winter spring is a region that is full of mobs that can contribute in earning lots of gold in an hour. Be sure to spend a lot of time in that area. Winter fall Village is the best place to start which has lots of Furblogs that is easy to kill and have a high drop rate. Plus, you will be able to earn Timbermaw as an extra bonus.  Aside form Furblogs, Yetis' in the Everlook Forest also gives an opportunity for easy gain money through grinding. For giving a minimal amounts of damage and easy to handled situation, these mobs are what you are looking for. They are incredibly easy to target. 

     The more experience you will have and reached the level of 80, place your self in the Eastern Plaguelands. It is where lots of mobs you will encounter and useful for grinding. The Mossflayer Zombie is an insanely easy target here and you will easily earn well past 50 gold pieces an hour with the right techniques and patience.

Professions that Earn Gold   

     Though all professions can make money, the skinning, leatherworking and blacksmithing is the best from all. This takes a little bit longer, but if the player gets into it, it would be interesting compared with grinding. Fishing can also earn gold, but it needs the skill in cooking. Both profession works complimentarily. 

     Aside from fishing, alchemy may work it in earning but it needs the player lots of time in gathering necessary items. They usually recommend skinning or blacksmithing. It works well through flipping. To make your profession works by earning money, you also need to work in increasing your skills. Try to balance everything. You spend lots of time to get a level more than 300, but this requires a lot of patience and hard work. By achieving this, the items that you create will be worth lots of money.


     Flipping is a process of gathering items and then selling it at the auction house or to vendors. Another description is that it is a process of finding items at the auction house that are priced below market value and then turning them around for a profit. While you are questing, flipping can also be performed, this makes no waste of time in the game.

     For gathering items, we need to use the skills of grinding. It is easy to gather lots of items by grinding mobs that have a high drop rate of valuable items. You also need to learn basic marketing skills if you want to flip effectively. There are lots of things to learn. 

     The first thing you should learn is all about the supply and demand. Stay at the auction house for a few days in order to record what items are most number of players are looking or buying for. By doing this, you can have an idea what items to look for that are saleable. Rare items can be an expensive item too. On this case you are not wasting your time on little drops that are considered worthless to sell. 

     If you have a lot of the same item, you are going to want to trickle it into the auction house. Don’t make the mistake of listing all of the items at once, since you will effectively destroy your own market. When you list an item, you’ll be given a suggested price. It’s a good idea to stick pretty close to this. If you under price an item too drastically, you’ll earn the ire of other auction sellers and it can be very hard to get your reputation back.

     Be aware of the auction time that you will choose. Most players schedule their auction time early in the evening because of the number of players available to that time. Avoid late night auctions because there is less number of players available. Keep track all your auction items in a list so that you may not forget the contents in your inventory.  

     In this game, flipping is probably the easiest way to earn gold aside from grinding which you also perform at the same time together with your quest. Though it moves in a slower pace, you will have more time to focus on other activities such as playing the game and levelling up your character which is what World of Warcraft is all about.
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